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With over 30 years of experience, the team at Aquatic Designs can help you choose which types of fish are right for your aquarium. We pride ourselves on the top-notch customer service that we provide to our clients. Let our aquarists create the perfect environment for your freshwater or saltwater set up.


Aquarium Services Offered by Aquatic Designs


  • Aquarium Design and Installation – Custom and Standard Aquarium Stands

  • Fish selection: Tropical, African Cichlid, or Saltwater  

  • Freshwater and Saltwater Maintenance Service

  • Aquarium Removal and Relocation

  • Equipment Repair


Enhance your home or business with a clean, healthy, and inviting aquarium that is maintained by a professional team. Why clean your tank when you don’t have to? Let us create a custom maintenance plan for a new or existing aquarium in your home or business.


Maintenance Plans by Aquatic Designs

  • Health Evaluation of Livestock

  • Water Quality Evaluation

  • Decoration Change with Every Visit

  • Feeding and Lighting Management

  • Cleaning or Replacement of Filters

  • Cleaning of Interior and Exterior Tank Glass

  • Perform Final Check for Leaks and Overall Operation

  • 4 week Quarantine of All New Fish Prior to Introduction

  • On Call Service


We offer programs that are tailored to your residential and/or commercial needs with one flat monthly fee. Our professional maintenance programs will keep your tank looking beautiful all year long without the hassle of contracts or long term commitments. (Not covered by the maintenance plan are equipment purchases, tank relocations, or repairs.)

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